Plain Gouda 

     Mild Gouda - Aged 3 months

     Medium Gouda - Aged 3-5 months

     More Medium Gouda - Aged 5- 7 months

     Aged Gouda - Aged 7-9 months

     Grizzly Gouda - Aged 12-24 months

     Old Grizzly Gouda - Aged 24+ months

     Extra Old Grizzly - Aged 4+ years

Flavoured Gouda

     Green Peppercorn

     Black Pepper

     Cayenne & Green Peppercorn

     Cumin mild, medium and aged


     Onion, Garlic & Red Pepper

     Herbs & Garlic



     Chives & Parsley

     Nettle & Celery

     Italian Herbs

     Fresian Cloves medium and aged

     Truffle NEW!

     Smoked Gouda



     Klondyk (swiss style) medium, aged and cave aged

     Edam mild and medium

     Fresh Cheese curds 

 We carry other varieties of cheese in our storefront and              markets such as Mozzarella, Cheddar, Raclette, Swiss,            Monterey, blue cheese, goat cheese and many, many more!

Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd.

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