Old Strathcona Market

103 St. & 83 Ave

Saturdays 8am-3pm


Market on MacLeod

7711 MacLeod Trail S

Thurs-Sun 9am-5pm

Calgary Farmers Market

510 77th Ave SE

Thurs-Sun 9am-5pm




Welcome to Sylvan Star Cheese, where we strive hard from field to final product to tantalize your taste buds with award winning Gouda from the heart of Alberta! Our cheese is made from the milk of our own cows, raised and fed from our land and crafted in a time honoured, traditional way.

Our cheese is made from heat treated milk, which contains no additives, no antibiotics and also very important: all our cheese is Lactose FREE. At our farm we produce Gouda, Swiss Style and Edam.


Spruce Meadows Christmas Market begins

Nov. 16. Hope to see you there!

Where to purchase

From pasture to plate. Quality Cheese.

Sylvan Star Cheese Ltd.